Poetry Prompt #29

Poetry Prompt: take the first word of the first poem in a book you really like, then in the same book take the last word of the last poem. (Does this make sense?)
Combine the two words and write a poem based on them.

I did it with the first and last poem words from Erica Jong’s FIRST book of poetry “Fruits & Vegetables”

Good-bye begins




Poetry Prompt #27

poetry prompt: the color purple


GREAT movie!   RIP Prince😦

Here’s a purple haiku I did:  (also will submit this to a special purple/Prince anthology:


Souvenir by Valeri Beers

The purple flower (5)

A tangible souvenir (7)

Wish you could keep it (5)





Poetry Prompt #24

Poetry prompt: Write a poem about your oldest friend, someone you have known for a long time.

(I apologize for the lateness of this prompt, I was in a place where there were problems with the WiFi, I didn’t expect problems, blah blah blah)