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The e-version of my book …details… is now free for Amazon Prime members (I don’t know for how long though, get it now if you want  it)  …details… will be free for EVERYONE later this summer…stay tuned :)

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Veterans Cemetary – by Donal Mahoney

donal mahoney
Families come
on Memorial Day
depending on the weather;
otherwise the Fourth of July, 
if it’s not too hot.
You can hear them coming,
adults in the rear,
reminiscing and talking,
children who can read
announcing the names
on the stones until they 
discover the right one. 
Then they shout.
Adults bring flowers, 
placing them softly
in front of the stones 
near our heads.
Children stick little 
flags from parades
in our waistlines.
Some ladies bring towels
and wipe down the stones;
others towelettes to remove
gunk from the lettering. 
All mean well and we 
appreciate the visit and wish 
we could say something.
It’s a thrill to hear voices.
Otherwise it’s lawn mowers,
leaf blowers, snow plows 
the rest of the year.
a very apropos and thought provoking poem for today.  I will be going to a cemetary today and will wonder about the “listeners” underground ;)

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Nature Boy – by Donal Mahoney


(photo by Brian Mahoney)

Nature Boy
His parents bought a special lock
to keep Nature Boy inside 
but he’s mechanically inclined
and loves to go outside.
I love how the photo sums up this poem :)  He IS the Nature Boy ;)
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A salute to BB King Remembering 16 – by Rita Recine

From gospel music to the blues

To you we salute

Inducted into the Hall of Fame

Everybody knew your name

The thrill is now gone .

We have won

Time to rest, playing up in heaven with the best

Formerly known as the three kings

The thrill is gone

We have won

Legendary artist of all time

Among other things

The thrill is gone

With your music we have won

You were the champion no one can forget

You were the boss ..

You played guitar with such class

A legend like no other

Your music touched many lives

Children fathers and mothers

A friend to the music industry

No one can replace

You sang the tune

Reaching for the stars, sun and moon

Many felt the love now you will be singing and strumming up above

The thrill is gone

With your legendary music the world has won

Let the good times roll

 the thrill is gone

Let the good times continue

day by day.

With your music we dance and sway

To have heard your music is to love

Similar to the sweet sound of a dove

The thrill is gone

With your music we have already won

You are the legend you are the king

Who made people laugh dance and sing

You have sung happy birthday,

a celebration

From every walk of life from the rich to the poor you made us smile

From generation to generation

The thrill is gone

It is with your music we have won

As you walk with the Lord, he hears your wonderful song

All rejoice in harmony for the thrill on earth may be gone


a lovely poem from Rita Recine, remembering BB King.


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A poem for Mother’s Day by Bethany of Bad Parenting

‘Twas the night before Mother’s Day and all through the kitchen
No one had planned anything, and the kids were a bitchin’
The dishes were piled head high by the sink
Mom took a break to pour a quick drink

Like a lunatic, the toddler was jumping in bed,
While visions of next morning’s mimosas danced in mom’s head.
Dad playing Wii and mom was still cleaning
The baby was cranky from teething and weaning.

Then, out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
Mom grabbed a pan in case something was the matter
Away to the window she flew like a flash,
Tore open the blinds and saw raccoons in the trash

Mom headed out to beat off the beasts
While the kids started shouting for mom to make boat sails for their fort made out of sheets

The kids started screaming about cake in the morning
Then mom’s “special visitor” came without warning.
The Midol was empty
The wine was all gone
No one was listening while mom’s voice droned on.

Mom finally lost it
“I’m done with this shit. I give up. I fold. I’ve had it. I QUIT!”
She grabbed her best yoga pants
and headed for Rome
She made it to Taco Bell
Then headed back home

“I’ve brought make-up NACHOS!”, mom called from the door
The family descended, “NACHOS! What are these for?”
“I left. I was gone. Didn’t you know?”
There was no reply heard over the gluttonous nacho eating show

Mom headed upstairs to put on her sweats
Take out her pony and cool her hot jets
Then, she heard them exclaim as she walked out of sight,
“We love you, Mommy! Have a good night!”

“I love you too!”, she shouted down
She took a deep breath and put on her pre-schooler’s “WORLD’S BEST MOM!” construction paper crown

Being a mom isn’t always a dream
Sometimes, kids are assholes. Sometimes, we scream

But, it IS all worth it when you have some:
And humor
And wine
And Tums

Good friends
And patience
And family
And time
And lime

And, the singular thing that is mom’s cornerstone.
Love, the glue that makes your house, a home

So, whether you’re home making muffins and crafts
Or, out with your girlfriends getting massages and trashed
I hope that you have, what do the old-timers say?
A wonderful, kick-ass Mother’s Day.

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A poem for Mother’s Day by Rita Recine

Today is mother’s day
We celebrate in every way
Whether up in heaven where the sky is blue
or in the natural life…
A  good mother is so special anyone can agree
praise them and blessed thee..
A  good mother heals our wounds when no other person can..
God  has given me to you and then I was found.
Children love your good mother like no other .
respect her, admire her  while she is here…
She bandaged your scrapes, wiped away your tears…
Love your good mother like no other.
She understands her children although all are diverse…
A good mother is so giving, a good mother is so caring.
With her heart she is constantly sharing
Today on  mothers  day I decided to write this verse.
For you, for me.
For our mothers  whether up in heaven where the sky is  so blue
where there is serenity , peace, faith love.flying so free as a dove .
For, a good mother is LOVE…on earth or up above
i know you all agree
Love your good mother like no other
I know I do
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Poem In Your Pocket Day is TODAY


Every April, on Poem in Your Pocket Day, people throughout the United States celebrate by selecting a poem, carrying it with them, and sharing it with others throughout the day.

Share your plans for Poem in Your Pocket Day on Twitter using the hashtag #pocketpoem.

7bb0a288e75be8d80429c1624ae0ac3d – if you have a printer, you can print off one of these poems and put it in your pocket :)

If you need a poem I will send one to your phone! I wrote a haiku for my daughter to take to school in her pocket :)  She said they have been working on poems at school :)

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Erica Jong Day :)

It’s my favorite day of National Poetry month. It’s Erica Jong Day!  Erica started out writing poetry before she wrote Fear of Flying.


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Poetry Prompt #29

Today’s prompt is to write a poem and to include the words “be kind” in your poem.

These are Kurt Vonnegut’s words, from his 1965 novel, God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater, or Pearls Before Swine

I used this song as the dance with my Dad at my wedding :)

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Poetry Prompt #28

Continuing from yesterday the poetry prompt is for you to submit one of your own poems to a lit mag or online poetry site seeking submissions.


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