Poem In Your Pocket and technology

I’ve talked about this before but I think sending a poem via text is considered “sharing”.

What if my friend lives in Texas? How do I share my favorite poem with her?

Two ways, I believe:

1. Write out your favorite poem and send it to her so she can carry it in her pocket.


2. Send it to her in a text.

I wrote out a poem for my best friend Wendi, who carried it on Poem In Your Pocket (PIYP) day for YEARS, until the paper fell apart. It was replaced

as requested. 😊✍️ I can’t do that with everyone I know though.

I share a lot of poems via text.

So please, text and share away (on PIYP day), even though we have no credentials, Poetry Pasta condones it. 👍

Franco Esposito

I think it apropos to spotlight one of the founders of  Poetry Pasta, Franco Esposito.


Too Pretty For Words

    I saw you at the coffee shop
    ordering a long latte
    my eyes immediately following
    the contours of your legs
    they were crossed at the bottom
    like a little bow tie
    and you were standing
    on five inch heels
    but I couldn’t talk to you
    my tongue was tied
    you were too pretty for words
    Written August 13, 2014
    Franco Esposito