4 poems from Tempest Brew :)

moon red
he’s got the moon
red eyes
but it’s only contacts
wanting to be
some supernatural
he’s from earth just
like the rest of us
there will be a “Supermoon” and a red “blood” moon, Sunday night (9-27-15) – Valeri Beers
she’s got a real
thing about bugs
spraying the whole
so we must now
sleep in chemical
coughing up fumes
but at least
the tiny bugs are
no more
don’t call me
the bovine
though you judge
my body,
I’m the not the milk
you grew up
kicking over, I’m
not the livestock
that has no hooves
to punch back
I’m happy as
a clam
swimming in
my pink pool
of self
getting ready to
form a pearl
I love these small poems from Tempest Brew :)  Look for “moon red” on the Poetry Pasta Facebook page :) – Valeri Beers

Old People by Donal Mahoney

These are old people
retired and driving slowly
from small apartments
in economy cars 
getting out on canes 
and walkers with
hearing aids you can see
attired in the best 
Goodwill has to offer
arriving between 1 and 3 
weekday afternoons
at Mid-America Buffet
eating their fill for $5.00 off
piling their plates with
chicken, meat loaf
salads galore, veggies
from childhood
green beans, carrots 
eaten in a rush as kids
listening to Fibber McGee
and Molly on the radio
eaten slowly now 
by folks who make it
on crackers and snacks
and one meal a day
this one for $5.00 off
at Mid-America Buffet.
Since I was feeling old this morning, I thought this was an apropos poem from Donal Mahoney (who has also sent in a Halloween poem, which I will post  in October) – Valeri Beers
p.s. look for this great poem on the Poetry Pasta Facebook page :)

Halloween poems :)

It’s almost that time again :) Time to dress up, be scared and eat too much candy, it’s……Thursday? I mean…. Halloween!



PoetryPasta wants YOUR Halloween poem :)

This great entry last year was from Marilyn Pellechia :)

Five little vampires
stood in a row
giggling and silly
with bags in tow
they scurried along
smiling quite  bright
lunging and bumping
into the night
as moon shine settled
to spy on their group
they danced up sidewalks
and settled on stoops
begging for candy
in voices gone scary
gifts came their way
in chocolate and cherry
stars soon peeked out
to warn of the hour
five sets of fangs
grabbed treats to devour
goblins and werewolves
appeared on the street
our vampires halted
with visions of these
so into the night they
journeyed to home
past witches and ghosts
and one gnarly gnome
five little vampires
in pace as they trod
stumbling along
as heads start to nod
fangs now retired
by smiles a beam
the stars shine down
on Halloween dreams.


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4 short poems from Tempest Brew (TB)

I am lying in the ruins
of us
in an empty life
sitting in a chair
we used to both fit in
wearing clothes
we used to share.
Thank Yous
thank you to the
bastard man
who told me I was fixed
but broke me
thank you to the
world that told me
I love you and then
asked for my donation
thank you to the
cars speeding past
while I sit in my car
that won’t start again.
we’re trimmed down
to the barest wire
then strongly lit
the world melts around
us and we keep diving
down into the smooth
surface below us
a slow trickle of wet
wax mingled with odor.
Work Ethic
they say he’s
got a strong work ethic
or used to
because now all he does
is haunt the lawn chair
and wait for people
to pass by
so he can spy on them
wait for his program
to start
so he can run inside
with feigned purpose
Thank you Tempest Brew  for these wonderful short, sweet and diverse poems :)  I love them :)  – Valeri Beers

I WILL get back at it poetically

I have been trying to do too many things (Violet, her school, Girl Scouts, my own poetry) and all you poets have been neglected  and for that I apologize profusely.

There will be NEW poetry and a new poet here later this week, in the meantime, feel free to look around PoetryPasta at all the pictures, poems, poetry prompts and other stuff.  Poetry Pasta also has a Facebook page, go check it out :)

Valeri Beers