Almost National Poetry month

I will publish the contributions sent to me but I regret I no longer have the time to do poetry prompts every day for this month. I WILL do some. I hope I have more time than I realize 🙂

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Wonderful haikus from Joan McNerney who reminds us it is Spring 🙂


Green new leaf fits
her hand perfectly—the future
waits in this girl’s palm.

Ten pretty trees
dressed up in bright greens
swirling in the breeze.

If I were queen who
could reign on a breezy cloud…
castles in the air.


I think it is apropos to show off poets  during this National Poetry month.

I would like to spotlight Michael Lee Johnson. Who is so very patient and hopeful.


Open Eyes Laid Back
By Michael Lee Johnson

Open eyes, black-eyed peas,
laid back busy lives,
consuming our hours,
handheld devices
grocery store
“which can Jolly Green Giant peas,
darling, to bring home tonight-
these aisles of decisions.”
Mind gap:
“Before long apps
will be wiping our butts
and we, others, our children
will not notice.”
No worries, outer space,
an app for horoscope, astrology
a co-pilot to keep our cold feet
tucked in.


Unknown Poet from Rue Montpelier
By Michael Lee Johnson

I warned you darts with advice
strong words tripping over emotions
like an imbecile-
so you think you’re Leonard Cohen
loving some naked Nancy in a cluttered
matchbox apartment overlooking
European culture simulated,
above some obscure narrow
Montreal street?

For your information,
straight poetics from insanities Almanac,
Leonard Cohen died years ago
in a twisted pickle poem he
entitled “Narcissism.”

Do you and your welfare lover
desire to be the 2nd generation,
deceased, unnoticed, unheard of,
unwarranted for failure artists
inside this thin, onion-skinned wall
dingy with your dreams?
I warned you darts with advice,
tapering off with your impotence.


Painter and Poet (V2)

By Michael Lee Johnson

with steel balls
and a wire brush
wishing he was
wearing motorcycle leathers,
going wild and crazy,
stares cross-eyed at the
Sistine Chapel ceiling-
nose touching moist paint,
body stretch out on a plank,
bones held by ropes from falling-
delirious, painting that face of Jesus
and the Prophets
with a camel hair brush;
in such a position, transition
a genie emerges as a poet-
words not paint
start writing his sonnets,
a second career is born-
nails and thorns
digging at his words,
flashing red paint:
it’s finished.

Michael Lee Johnson lived 10 years in Canada during the Vietnam era and is a dual citizen of the United States and Canada.  Today he is a poet, freelance writer, amateur photographer, and small business owner in Itasca, Illinois.  Mr. Johnson published in more than 1072 new publications, his poems have appeared in 38 countries, he edits, publishes 10 poetry sites.  Michael Lee Johnson, has been nominated for 2 Pushcart Prize awards poetry 2015/1 Best of the Net 2016/2 Best of the Net 2017, 2 Best of the Net 2018.  192 poetry videos are now on YouTube poetry anthology, Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze; editor-in-chief poetry anthology, Dandelion in a Vase of Roses available here  Editor-in-chief Warriors with Wings:  the Best in Contemporary Poetry,

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Poetry Prompt #18


Title: Hello IT?

You work from home now.
Can’t watch Youtube or Netflix.
You need the bandwidth.



1st World Problems: if anyone cares why this is late, the touchpad didn’t work, had to locate a USB mouse.