Heaven Itself – by Malobi Sinha

A Cry in the Night
At the beginning of
Existence itself; A
Hungry jackal on the
Prowl – the bane of
Life being the Thud
Thud of the tractor
That digs up the soil
Building castles
In the sky in the stead
Of the rainbow skies
Overlooking the
Green pastures
In the vale
Of Heaven

Malobi Sinha spent the early years of her childhood in the freedom and vastness of Kenya, in East Africa; then her family migrated to Australia when she was in High School. She is the author of ‘Savannah’, ‘Road Less Travelled’ and ‘Rain’, appraised collections of poetry, and has had literary work (articles and poetry) published in various magazines and e-zines in Australia, UK and the USA. Malobi completed a Bachelors of Engineering from Monash University and a Graduate Certificate in Accounting from Deakin University, and also consults in I.T. She enjoys playing the violin solo and in accompaniment, and painting artwork. Malobi lives in Victoria, Australia, with her husband. More information on Malobi can be found at her website at http://www.malobisinha.com.


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