Leaving God – by Sopphey Vance

If one thing I don’t regret
Is fate and its cursed finger
Our paths bumped
I danced in tune to his bop

Loud music, bright lights
God danced to my right
Echoes of night magic
Flew by distracting him

Pulling me out into
The open lavender night
The palm trees whispered
Congratulations against my ears

My heart wishes
Clouded my scientific instructions
I lingered against the brick wall
Meshing with rocks and mud

I thought I loved him
But maybe I didn’t dare
And let him go
Left him

Let myself be free
Destined my body to
Roam this Earth for all



2 thoughts on “Leaving God – by Sopphey Vance

  1. This poem reminds me of Saturday Night Fever. But not the Travolta character but the girl who want so desperately to dance and be loved by him. It is confessional and intimate. And it leaves a cold chill. And Sopphey Vance does one more heroic thing: she frees herself. Wow! Frank

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