Poem submission! Poem submission!

Do you like wine?  Judd’s Hill Winery (juddshill.com) is seeking poems regarding wine (appreciation, imbibing, production), Napa Valley, vineyards…… you get the idea.  Selected poems will appear on the Judd’s Hill website (juddshill.com) where previous winners can be found.  Winner will receive a very big bottle of wine 🙂


Please submit a maximum of 3 poems and a brief cover letter with contact information by November 1st to



One thought on “Poem submission! Poem submission!

  1. The more I read The Great Divide, the better I like it.

    I have written a poem after many years of silence (as far as my writing poems is concerned) Here it is: (I don’t know how to submit it!)

    By Gertrude de Souza

    Deafening silence
    taunting the unknown

    Thunderous quiet
    all logic hath flown

    Pounding hammer, loud tumultuous noise,
    interrupting imagination, restoring poise.

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