Notes To Myself – Malobi Sinha

Up next to share her writing process is Malobi Sinha.  Malobi contributed a poem to PoetryPasta titled “Rain” in April 2013.  For more information about Malobi, go to or you can connect with her on Facebook:


The first thing to start with when writing, is to remember what you are writing for. If it is an essay or piece of prose, then it is important to keep the subject in mind, even if subconsciously. However, writing poetry is a little different. With poetry, you can meander, turn sideways, backwards, and do somersaults, but still come back to the subject.

I also find that creative writing gives me fulfilment in different ways, based on whether it is poetry or prose – poetry requires shorter bouts of attention, but can be just as fulfilling as a release or piece. I also find that I, unlike many other writers, do not edit or change a poem much on afterthoughts.

Let me pen you a few words here:


To you I sit and

Write of the now and the

Forever more, still

As you reside in my

Heart will you be with me

For evermore


Malobi, thank you for sharing with us.  More poems in 2014!

2/18/2014  EDITORIAL CORRECTION: Malobi  Sinha contributed THREE poems to PoetryPasta in April 2013, Rain, Heaven Itself and Everlasting Peace.  Our apologies for overlooking these pieces of prolific perfection!


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