Notes To Myself – Valeri Beers


My writing process seems to be going  all the time 🙂 I love to listen to music, hear all the great lyrics I wish I had written 😉

If a word or phrase sticks in my head (I always visualize a pebble rattling around in a can), I write it down. Recently, I saw trees with ice coating each of the branches & it looked perfectly white;  the phrase “whiteness of ice” has been rattling in my head. I want to “do something” with this phrase.  I look around for inspiration. What would go with this phrase?  Snow is white.  I listened to the sounds my boots made as I walked.  I asked my husband about the sound of snow and got a very technical answer.   I only wanted to write about winter & snow, so I just did a small haiku instead of a whole poem:


vibrate & crunch

ice & snow

Cold sunlight
still blinds


One thought on “Notes To Myself – Valeri Beers

  1. Your haiku has a cold and warmth to it. We sense your cold walk in the white outside- assaulting your extremities, from your feet to your head. And we sense you trying to stay warm and protected but can t dismiss even the harsh sunlight on your eyes. Very icely put!

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