Why I Write by Malobi Sinha


There are a multitude of reasons why I put pen, as it were, to paper – this is because of the vast number of things going on in my life at any one time. Let me start at the beginning – I am a Writer and Author by profession and also a Business Analyst at times – both of these require writing down either a story, or business documents, or other material.

I am also a Screenwriter, and write scripts and have written songs to go with the scripts – these require, other than the software needed for writing the script, a slightly different written approach. The songs I write, are like rhyming, rhythmic poetry, whereas the poetry I write does not rhyme!

Now you can see why the writing that I do, varies with the different tasks at hand. But does that really answer the question – why do I write? Not really. I need to explain a little further.

I write because it gives me release. The simple act of even writing a poem gives me satisfaction and it seems like a load comes off my shoulders. It is the one thing that I feel that gives me the most satisfaction as a job or work – and the one thing I feel that I can do to the best of my ability and do well – is there any doubt as to why I should do it then! 

Well, there you have it – the why’s and the wherefores. I wish you much success in your journey ahead and appreciate the time you spent with me.


7 thoughts on “Why I Write by Malobi Sinha

  1. Thank you Malobi, for your candor and honesty. I think you have a gift that you share in your writing which is both beautifully constructed and is rich in imagery and feeling of nature and spirit. I am enjoying your newest book, Rain, very much.

    Frank Esposito

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