Why I Write by Roy K. Austin

“Most people, to some degree, question their lives inwardly at some time.
To that kind of degree do I philosophise,  for my nature is to express itself
or  no – self,  in poetry. ‘ Too much philosophy clips the angel’s wings ‘ !

Many years ago, the most fundamental  question for me was,  ‘do  ‘ I ‘ live
or  am  I  being lived’. Lived by a higher self  that I had forgotten  and
consequently was unaware of. The latter of course, would suggest that my
sense of selfhood – the persona- was derived from the community  that I
was born in to, which would ultimately prove to be an illusion. As the years
past, studying the works of our century’s sages  and sage philosophers,  I
began to see how much they converged in their teaching and how much accord
there was in their underlying  spiritual paradigms. A significant mark,  I
thought, of their authenticity. Among these sages there were those who
considered our sense of identity as a complete illusion. Some coined the
phrase  ‘mistaken identity’. Others would hold that our sense of self  is
part of an inward evolution or involution of consciousness,  where  the
causal spirit of all is simply seeking the causal spirit. The one true self of
the world, which in this sense is doing it all, including my asking the question
in the first place! My present understanding is that the delusion is real
enough  and will ultimately be seen as such, but that our current mainstream
consciousness, – the awareness of selfhood or ‘ I ‘ sense,  serves a purpose
in the advance of the spirit’s path. A rediscovery of spirit for spirit. Thus we have
the inbuilt dualistic vision, a dualistic language engendered in a world of
duality, where individual identity is imperative and where the non dual vision of life
is its opposite or counterpoint  and an anathema to it.

Our world today is quite literally, ready for the non dual vision of life to arise.
All the ingredients are in the world for it to emerge in human consciousness,
and though the principle might be ‘more depth less span ‘ in human consciousness,
the depth is deep enough now. We need an epidemic to increase the span.
An  emergence would, to use Ken Wilber’ s  terminology, ‘transcend and include’
its lower levels. (See a brief history of everything. K Wilber.) This might come
about  as an aftermath to great human suffering and catastrophic damage, caused
by man,  or even nature’s readjustment to man’s activities. The phrase ‘ everything
is one ‘ may turn out to be the only recognition and realisation that will save our
humanity. Change the competitive urge to the cooperative spirit, that might make
our future world a more sustainable one. Of course we then arrive at the final paradox
that if non duality becomes the sway and the way of man, what need then for
the world? Ultimate reality is non duality above the stream of time. We call it
heaven, bliss, and even oblivion- which begs the question, what is your experience
of this dualistic world? Is it more like hell?

The unborn self  of  the Buddha is so beautiful to me. – I really am convinced both
by thought and experience that the deepest and more substantial part of us, ( our
archetype if you will,) is elsewhere. Not in location but in realms of conscious awareness.
In other words we are all connected in such a way to our original selves that are not
individual selves at all. Selves that dissolve back into the essence of their divine source,
from whence they, like prodigals came. For me then, the delusion is part of a journey
that will  arrive at its destination as a realisation. A bit like a train being late – not knowing
how or where to connect to arrive !

I am sometimes astonished when I look closely at nature, for I see in the lowliest places
the most profound ciphers, clues to the unity of it all. It is there that I feel most inspired to
write. My conviction is that the sages and seers  are for the most part, correct, regarding
the metaphysical reality of the world, and as Ken Wilber  has said, ‘ they ride a beam of
light  as they advance human consciousness‘.

Is there a tacit conspiracy to ignore ‘who’ and ‘what’ we are ? Alan Watts certainly thought so.
Up to a point so do I. (I owe much to this man by way of understanding.) My feeling though,
is that it may lie at a deep level, almost subconscious, and therefore it is that
that we must  try to awaken in our art, our creativity. Like a head – set to be
removed in virtual reality, I ask of my own consciousness, apart from space
and time and location,   ‘ am  I  all here  or more fully,  somewhere else”


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