Poetry Prompt #18

Over at NaPoWriMo, the 18th poetry prompt is to simply write a weather poem.  I thought this poem by regular contributor Angel Johnston was very apropos for this prompt.  (Valeri Beers)


Watery Clouds by Angel Lancaster (Johnston)

angel cropped


Clouds are moving
by as fast as they can.
As the clouds move
between a piece of wood
it lookes like a
stream of water.

When a little child
runs up to a stream takes a
drink of water, then runs
and lays in the grass and
dreams of drinking the clouds.
When she looks up
she can see through
the clouds.

On a piece of paper
people paint a picture it
looks dark blue and gray
clouds, the clouds are
moving across the
baby blue sky.

Clouds are just like water.

The moist clouds is as
soft as wet water is like
the clouds in a white patch
of flowers!!

Grade 6th


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