Dancing on the Fourth of July by Donal Mahoney

All that hair
trapped in a braid  
silver to the waist
Opal this morning
nude in the mirror
brings the braid up
between her breasts
and around her neck,
a python of her creation

that she promised Elmer
she would cut off
for a pixie hairdo
like Audrey Hepburn
if he would take her
on the Fourth of July   
to the Senior Dance,
something Wilbur
would always do

if she wore high heels
and that red dress
and those black
nylons he found
with the seams
like the ones she wore
the day he came home
all crew cut and cowlicks
from Korea.



Happy Fourth of July! 🙂  I love this holiday, the whole month of July in fact, this being my birthday month 😉  I thought this poem from Donal Mahoney was very apropos for this holiday 🙂 Keep your eyes out for other poetic pieces from Donal!  Right here!  We want YOUR poetic pieces!  Please…. 🙂 






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