The space between poems

have YOU been in this space?

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From – guest post by Jen Karetnick

Eons ago, in a graduate workshop at the University of Miami, the late poet Maxine Kumin was explaining a crown of sonnets to us. At the time, the form – seven stanzas of fourteen lines each, linked to each other by repeating lines – sounded impossibly difficult, but nonetheless intriguing, at least to those of us who liked to play with prosody.

What she said next was decidedly disturbing, however. “A friend of mine,” she began, “wrote a crown of sonnets that was so good, he believed he’d never write another poem. He didn’t think he’d have anything left to write about.”

What? Never write more poems? What kind of fatalistic nonsense was that? Our egos were young and healthy, and it seemed at the time we’d never run out of either desire or subjects when it came to crafting…

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