We Are Days – by Frank Esposito

frank w glasses

Hello everyone. Now that fall is here and the leaves and temperature is changing, it’s a great time for reflection and poetry. Try writing a short poem, let’s say no more than 10 lines long, on something you have on your mind. It can be about nature, about yourself or about being thankful. Let’s get ahead of the curve and write our Thanksgiving poems early. This is my poem on work and rest. Frank


We Are Days

We are days and days that run
from morning start till we are done
and as night comes
so sleep and dreams
melt our schemes to none

written August 03, 2014
by Frank Esposito


One thought on “We Are Days – by Frank Esposito

  1. hi frank its rita… it appears i already had an account as katuscia
    very nice poem…..i can actually see people hustling and bustling , as the clock winds down … all ceases.. great poem.. enjoyed reading it

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