Halloween Dreams by Marilyn Pellecchia

Here’s the VERY FIRST Halloween poem 🙂  Thank you Marilyn !


Five little vampires
stood in a row
giggling and silly
with bags in tow
they scurried along
smiling quite  bright
lunging and bumping
into the night
as moon shine settled
to spy on their group
they danced up sidewalks
and settled on stoops
begging for candy
in voices gone scary
gifts came their way
in chocolate and cherry
stars soon peeked out
to warn of the hour
five sets of fangs
grabbed treats to devour
goblins and werewolves
appeared on the street
our vampires halted
with visions of these
so into the night they
journeyed to home
past witches and ghosts
and one gnarly gnome
five little vampires
in pace as they trod
stumbling along
as heads start to nod
fangs now retired
by smiles a beam
the stars shine down
on Halloween dreams.


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