Fall poetry contest! Call for submissions!


The second contest honors musician and songwriter Gene Clark who was born in November 1944. Clark had a varied career, starting off in folk (New Christy Minstrels), then helping to create folk-rock with the Byrds, and then veering off into country and beyond.  Unfortunately, for various reasons, including his fear of flying in an airplane and his substance abuse, his career was not a successful one.  More than twenty years after his death, his album No Other is receiving the acclaim it deserves.  This year Beach House, Iain Matthews, and other musicians have toured, performing the songs from that album.  And this fall some of you may be writing poems inspired by them…or other songs by Clark.

you’ve probably heard this song 🙂

I had never heard this song, I like it 🙂


These are just 2 examples of Byrds songs, for LOTS more Gene Clark inspiration, go to


The poem that you submit may be unpublished or published.  Just be sure that you have the rights to it.  Let me know where it was published, and I will credit that journal or book.
I recommend *not* quoting Clark’s lyrics.  The focus of this contest is your poetry.
The deadline for this contest is December 30.  I will publish the poems as I receive them.  Please send them to thesongis@gmail.com — thank you!
And, of course, all poems published this fall are eligible for Thelma’s Prize — even if they don’t fit into our contests.

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