4 Incredibly Useful Writing Apps

1. Draft

2. Storehouse


4. Evernote

http://writerscircle.com/2014/12/top-5-free–incredibly-useful-writing-apps.html – Click this link to read more about the writing apps above

I have not tried any of these, I’ll let you know how they are  (Valeri Beers)


One thought on “4 Incredibly Useful Writing Apps

  1. DRAFT – this is worth the download, with “Hemingway Mode” which only lets you write FORWARD ( no deleting, you can’t go back and edit) You can edit when you go back to Normal mode.

    STOREHOUSE – this app is good if you like visual storytelling. This app for iPad gives users the means to create stunning, multi-faceted narratives blending text, video, and photography. If you’ve got great text that might pair well with brilliant imagery, try this app out 🙂

    OMMWRITER – This is meant to be a Zen like space (Omm, omm) This app has audio tracks and backgrounds you can be inspired to write what you really mean to say. Writer’s Circle says this app is “a welcome alternative to traditional, cluttered word processing devices”

    EVERNOTE – Hailed as the ultimate note-taking app, available for android, iPhone or iPad, syncing your updates across all devices (Mac and PC, too!). When you’re in the thick of a giant research project for a book or article in-the-making, Evernote should be your go-to application. Beyond allowing you to jot down anything that comes to mind– whenever and wherever– it lets you organize those thoughts alongside saved web articles, PDFs, photos, and handwritten notes. To-do lists and tags allow you to easily sort through your material and prioritize, fast. This app is a total game-changer for all writers.

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