Congratulations Malobi Sinha !


Malobi Sinha has been a contributor to PoetryPasta and has 6 books published! Her poetry, essays and articles are wonderful!

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Malobi Sinha spent the early years of her childhood in the freedom and vastness of Kenya, in East Africa; then her family migrated to Australia when she was in High School. She is the author of ‘Savannah’, ‘Road Less Travelled’ and ‘Rain’, appraised collections of poetry, and has had literary work (articles and poetry) published in various magazines and e-zines in Australia, UK and the USA. Malobi completed a Bachelors of Engineering from Monash University and a Graduate Certificate in Accounting from Deakin University, and also consults in I.T. She enjoys playing the violin solo and in accompaniment, and painting artwork. Malobi lives in Victoria, Australia, with her husband. More information on Malobi can be found at her website at


Sharing her writing process with us is Malobi Sinha.  Malobi contributed 3 poems to PoetryPasta titled “Rain”, “Heaven Itself” and “Everlasting Peace”.  For more information about Malobi, go to or you can connect with her on Facebook:

WHY I WRITE by Malobi Sinha

There are a multitude of reasons why I put pen, as it were, to paper – this is because of the vast number of things going on in my life at any one time. Let me start at the beginning – I am a Writer and Author by profession and also a Business Analyst at times – both of these require writing down either a story, or business documents, or other material.

I am also a Screenwriter, and write scripts and have written songs to go with the scripts – these require, other than the software needed for writing the script, a slightly different written approach. The songs I write, are like rhyming, rhythmic poetry, whereas the poetry I write does not rhyme!

Now you can see why the writing that I do, varies with the different tasks at hand. But does that really answer the question – why do I write? Not really. I need to explain a little further.

I write because it gives me release. The simple act of even writing a poem gives me satisfaction and it seems like a load comes off my shoulders. It is the one thing that I feel that gives me the most satisfaction as a job or work – and the one thing I feel that I can do to the best of my ability and do well – is there any doubt as to why I should do it then! 

Well, there you have it – the why’s and the wherefores. I wish you much success in your journey ahead and appreciate the time you spent with me.

Notes To Myself – Malobi Sinha

Sharing her writing process is Malobi Sinha.   For more information about Malobi, go to or you can connect with her on Facebook:

The first thing to start with when writing, is to remember what you are writing for. If it is an essay or piece of prose, then it is important to keep the subject in mind, even if subconsciously. However, writing poetry is a little different. With poetry, you can meander, turn sideways, backwards, and do somersaults, but still come back to the subject.

I also find that creative writing gives me fulfillment in different ways, based on whether it is poetry or prose – poetry requires shorter bouts of attention, but can be just as fulfilling as a release or piece. I also find that I, unlike many other writers, do not edit or change a poem much on afterthoughts.

Let me pen you a few words here:


To you I sit and

Write of the now and the

Forever more, still

As you reside in my

Heart will you be with me

For evermore


Home by Malobi Sinha

The ground shimmers
Under a hot summer sky
Blue as a pigeon’s egg-shell;
Brittle as the fallen leaves
Crinkling like sparrows
Across the pavement.
I sit and think, that,
Finally, I have come home
To the truth of my soul
The trees, the grass, the soil
However it may be
Come winter, summer or fall;
It is my home

Everlasting Peace – by Malobi Sinha

There was no Way
And then It appeared
Out of Nowhere
It seemed; A winding
Road, leading ahead
To the pastures
Of the Promised Land
It seemed;
I was wary, before
But having it
Appear ahead
Vanquished all the
Demons for
Good, and I took
A step forward

Heaven Itself – by Malobi Sinha

A Cry in the Night
At the beginning of
Existence itself; A
Hungry jackal on the
Prowl – the bane of
Life being the Thud
Thud of the tractor
That digs up the soil
Building castles
In the sky in the stead
Of the rainbow skies
Overlooking the
Green pastures
In the vale
Of Heaven

Rain – by Malobi Sinha

The bell, it was
Tolling loudly as
Though possessed of
Ghosts of its
Own; Toll it did
Loud and strong
Pure and True
Until I woke from
Slumber to realise
That it was
Wind chimes from
The Outside coming
Through the window;
The wind pulling it
To and fro
And a storm Was
Arising as it
Must as it had
Needed to all those
Days that the Hot
Sun beat down
On the Ground
Accursed at its own
Existence. Would
It rain

Praise for “Rain” :  ‘Rain’ is a third Book of Poetry by author Malobi Sinha – poems to comfort, soothe…excite and satisfy the soul.
 “Thank you Malobi, for your candor and honesty. I think you have a gift that you share in your writing which is both beautifully constructed and is rich in imagery and feeling of nature and spirit. I am enjoying your newest book, Rain, very much.”
Frank Esposito, PoetryPasta

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