Poems by Frank Esposito & Valeri Beers

Happy Holidays poets 🙂

It’s WAY BACK Wednesday and the day before Christmas.  We (Frank and Valeri) wanted to show off our own poems.

frank w sandals

Frank Esposito writes wonderful, positive, inspiring comments and reviews about new poets we show off here at PoetryPasta.  He also shares excellent poetry prompts and words and videos to inspire and encourage.  Here are some of Frank’s poems from 2014 🙂 There will be more poetry and words from Frank in 2015.

We Are Days by Frank Esposito

Hello everyone, it’s a great time for reflection and poetry. Try writing a short poem, let’s say no more than 10 lines long, on something you have on your mind. It can be about nature, about yourself or about being thankful.  This is my poem on work and rest.

We Are DaysWe are days and days that run
from morning start till we are done
and as night comes
so sleep and dreams
melt our schemes to none

written August 03, 2014
by Frank Esposito

Too Pretty For Words by Frank Esposito

    I saw you at the coffee shop
    ordering a long latte
    my eyes immediately following
    the contours of your legs
    they were crossed at the bottom
    like a little bow tie
    and you were standing
    on five inch heels
    but I couldn’t talk to you
    my tongue was tied
    you were too pretty for words
    Written August 13, 2014
    Frank Esposito
A Face That Looks

Hair that flows like mountain tops
to hills below
eyes that nest and cross the sky
as eagles breasts that glide with grace of snow
skin that folds into a grin
that trails us through the wind
shoulders relaxed in
each an angle’s wing
through the microscopic sharpness
of her picture
quietly without warning
like morning taking darkness
her image brims

Written August 06, 2013
by Frank Esposito

To Michael (a Godfather scene poetry prompt from 3-22-2014)

“In my room
where my wife sleeps
where my children keep their toys
and play
in my room”

The morning comes
as bright blisters of light
ringing out the bullets
that pop with a bite
as they drop through my window

their silver fury
hit with a snap in a flurry
tapping the soldiers of racks
slapping the walls as they crack
come crossing my lap

like tones of starlight
as pools of night
their fiery shells sound with echoing might
that pound and huddle me down
to my right

in the cold of a sweat
that rounds my brow to my head
I reach to get
with as pale as the dead
her arm from my bed

under the storming of twilight
under a pillow of light
I shout to her face
stay with me and brace
as I hurry her feet to the floor underneath

no sliver of mercy
no clock unperturbed
will run out my blood thirsty
till I cut the ear pig
from the depth of my herd

in a whisper by my father I swear
not let my heart be known by word or by stare
of my sword that will cut to the bone
each finger that has stolen
the peace and rest of my home

written February 21, 2014
by Frank Esposito


Someone let it out I was a good guy
a minted dollar right from the minting store
I don’t know how I got that part
a good guy from the start
but it got turned around now
and I’m not anymore

seems someone said
he’s got a good head
he wears his heart on his sleeves
he makes a good guy
right up from the knees
so everyone believes

it seems you’re either a good guy
an apple off the tree
a good seed
a flower everyone agrees
that never makes you sneeze
and if not
a bad guy right from the core
an apple at the bottom of the barrel
a bad seed down to the marrow
should I mention the floor

everyone can pick out without a doubt
what a good guys all about
he’s good and thoughtful throughout
someone you can tease and even squeeze
he’ll never pout or shout
or even slouch
or say so much as ouch..please

A bad guy on the other hand
is like rough sand
a peg not in the plan
something like unsavoury cheese
makes you cringe and wheeze
and suddenly I’m one of these

I used to be a good guy
through and through
a good guy you could read off your slate to
someone you can take to the church gate
a good guy you said was always good to you
you’re perfect mate
from my toe to my head so you said
I had the right bate

but in the end
the bad guy wanted to come out again
someone said he’s got a bad head
he won’t stay on his knees
an apple that’s fallen and rolled through the bushes and trees
is a bad apple indeed

a good guy you can take to town
a bad guy you don’t ever want around
I used to be a good guy
then someone let out
he’s just like Frankensteen
makes you run and makes you scream
a Hollywood Nightmare not a dream

so the good guy I can’t be
and the bad guy I don’t see
but in the end it’s not all up to me
it’s really just what you believe

Frank Esposito

Written September 06, 2010



This is what Valeri Beers looks like these days 😉  Valeri had a book of her own poems published this year.

http://www.amazon.com/details-Valeri-Beers-ebook/dp/B00NC90K24It’s in e-book and paperback form, get yours from Amazon!

white cover-225x300

Almost Spring by Valeri Beers

mud ruts

the rug

Ice hills

Heavy pellets

Reborn – by Valeri Beers (apropos for Halloween)

Halloween memory
is a
sweet explosion

under a
disco ball


Hell hath
no fury
like a 
woman torn

Things forgotten
in a

"Reborn" is in my poetry book ...details...  which is available on 


this poem  titled “Characters” was published in Valeri’s local newspaper

Characters by Valeri Beers

had to
as good
as the
Why 3?
look alike
are characters
He talks
too much
He eats
too much
she’s the
cute one

Subject To Change by Valeri Beers

(my best friend took the photo YEARS AGO that inspired this poem)

You pictured
my sadness
your kitchen 
black & white

Faded fearful
Even though
white balance
is off
you think



"Subject to Change" is in my poetry book ...details... which is available as an e-book or 
print book :)


Flood by Valeri Beers


black wetness

slowly creeps
should not

gently lapping
are deceiving
as they

My poem “Flood” is in the latest edition of Literature Today (along with a lot of other great poems!

lit today

For more of Valeri’s poetry, check out her poetry page here:



PoetryPasta wants YOUR poems in 2015! Happy holidays from Frank and Valeri 🙂


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