A Review of “Beneath the Shadow of a White Pigeon” by Pijush Kanti Deb


While reading Pijush’s (pronounced p-juice)  poetry book “Beneath the Shadow of a White Pigeon” ,  the first poem that jumped out at me was “To Read A Brand New Book”  which is a wonderful poem in itself about a book and made me think of this review for Pijush’s book.

This is not your typical American  style of poetry. Pijush told me he wanted to be international.  He said he composes in English (an international and his favorite language) and also in Bengali (one of the best languages of the people of India in Pijush’s opinion)

Pijush’s poems are very emotional, thought provoking and full of evocative imagery. Pijush captures  life in his native India, sharing his feelings of tension, fear confusion and anger, but also love and hopefulness.  Pijush’s use of words is very descriptive. From the poem “An Intermingling Between Ocean and Desert”, one of my favorite lines is “A few flocks of money”

Standout poems include Carnival of Fire and Two Languages.

Pijush Kanti Deb is a very prolific poet. He has submitted more than 225 poems to over 68 magazines and journals and has no intention of stopping.

Congratulations Pijush 🙂


Pijush  was also interviewed on PoetryPasta…

What is your name and what is your day job?
  I am Pijush Kanti Deb.
I am an Associate Professor of Economics at a 
privately managed college at Dimapur in Nagaland, India.
What is the title of your new book and where can people buy it?
The name of my first poetry collection is’’ Beneath The Shadow
Of A White Pigeon’’. As per the information sent to me by the
publisher, the book has been published in two versions - 
print book and e-book and made available on Amazon. 

Who published your book of poems?
Published by Jack Blair, a poet cum editor of the Hollow 
Publishing: The Hungry and Hollowed, from Canada,
who has been promoting my poems since September 2014.

You can get Pijush's new poetry book here:

How did you start writing?
On 9th May 2013 suddenly I discovered a poem on a piece of paper on 
which I was just writing something to pass the monotonous time during 
my daily return journey from Dimapur to Lumding- my native place. It was
really a good themed poem, so I submitted it to an international print
magazine named Tajmahal Review on 14th May and by God's grace my first
poem ‘’Leave of Exploitation’’ was published by the magazine on 1st
June 2013.

It sounds like you write a lot! What inspires you? 
That was the good beginning of my wonderful journey to the
poetic paradise and at present I have more than 210 published poems in
more than 63 magazines and journals- print and on-line world-wide like
Down in the Dirt, Camel Saloon, Dead Snakes, The Literary Yard,
Gauhatian,Poetry Pasta, The Song is, The Pennine Ink, Criterion, 
The Hermes Poetry, Whispers, Dagda Publishing and many more. My best achievement is the publication of my first poetry collection ’’ Beneath the Shadow of a White Pigeon’’ 
I started composing poems of different themes and styles and 
feeling the blissfulness of creating something good and now my 
mirror is also happy to face me. I don’t feel the touch of any 
inspiration from any person behind my composition of poems rather it may be the blessing of nature or God that is always bestowed to an optimist.

Thank you Pujish for telling us about your book "Beneath The
Shadow Of A White Pigeon and again congratulations :)  You 
can also connect with Pijush on Facebook.

(review and interview by Valeri Beers)


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