Rain Cake by Monique Gordon


Rain Cake
 Rain plops Do Re Mi...
 We walk with its rhythm.
 It tickles my face,  Endo’s tail.

 Trees with dread-locked leaves 
 Sway aroma therapy from bakery.  

 Coconut. Caramel. Butter Rum.
 The sky closes down, stinging Moroccan beats. 

 We lean against cigar-shop with awning. 
 Listen to men talk crap & blow smoke.
 Nicotine halos bounce as streams
 race through lines of cobblestone and trolley-tracks.
 Crater floods. Cherry-blossoms float.

 Endo nudges me with his snout, 
 “It’s 2 o‘clock”.


Here is Monique's WordPress site: (well worth the time to check out!  lots of 
stuff to read


For Women's History month, I will be showing off women and their poems .  
I still want submissions from the guys, they will be posted next month (April)
for National Poetry month so guys AND gals are encouraged and invited to send
their poems in!

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