What I Know by Rita Recine

What I Know

A book begins with one word, one sentence one chapter at a time

There is a force, an energy ….

Somewhere by the rainbow

With a multihued of wonderful colours

What I know

There is always some sunshine in darkness.

Even on the longest day of the year..

life is the longest ride…..

It is given to us …….

We may live it or we may dream about it

We need to live the dream,

What I know

Good Samaritans still exist….

People everywhere are facing their own daily obstacles.

They need to be repaired..

As beautiful as angels, as soft as cotton candy…

What I know

I know that a smile is at times considered by many the international language.

I know that when we write we are captured in the moment.

I know that every image is vague until we expand it to tell a story.

What I know

The bird sings tunes of happiness.

We all have purpose.

In all our lives there is meaning.

I know we should treat others the way we want t be treated

I know that love at first sight does not exist.

Physical attraction is the primary factor.

There is like.

Then love

I know that we should be grateful everyday for our blessings.

For there are others who carry heavier challenges,

We must weather the storm and move forward.

What I know

We can teach , yet we cannot tell our students which road to take…………….we must wish they will follow what was taught , for knowledge is priceless….

What I know

Education is the biggest gift a parent can offer their child.

Love should be unconditional, with no borders.

We must not judge by first impressions….

What I know

I know we do not know everything.

There is abundance in further knowledge.

What I know
I know that nothing is simple. In all that we do there is work to be done.

We need to look at its simplicity in fragments, like puzzle pieces until it is all done.

Every piece in its proper place


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