A Bowl of Cherries by Rita Recine & poetry prompt #2

A bowl of cherries

Sweet or sour,

Red or yellow,

Good days, bad days.

Cherries are drenched in the waters of love.

A Token from up above.

Life isn’t always what it seems.

Hopes and dreams.

Roads were crossed.

Sidewalks unpaved.

The grass is no longer green

With every hardship there is a lesson learned.

Strength earned.

I gaze up at the stars and listen.

As they shine and glisten.

One by one, they differ.

Similar to a bowl of cherries

Life is a bowl of cherries.

Holding on to a tree branch,

One by one they fall.

Some sweet some sour.

Life is a bowl of cherries

Yellow and red

Have no fear.

Love all that is dear.

For our yesterdays, today and our tomorrows

Life is a bowl of cherries

No need to be afraid.

We march to our own parade.

Cherries on the tree

You and me

our life…the bowl of cherries

one by one …we all go away

fallen from the skies

tears in our eyes

happiness, sorrow

clock is chiming

we are smiling

today and tomorrow

life is a bowl of cherries

in festivities and in sorrow

life is a bowl of cherries

God is watching over me

I wait a minute, one hour, one day

I pray from the heart. I stand with a bowl of cherries in my hand

stepping stone

A stepping stone, a stumbling block


we are all given a different set…….we cross the stepping stone, bag in hand

the rules are there..

for each it differs

our hands are not all alike

we cross the stepping stone

advancement , progression

a stepping stone, measures our route chronically

our achievements, our defeats, our regressions

from beginning to the end

the plateau into the unknown

we rise, we stumble

We build, all is faceless…..shapeless

We are given  a road

The longest ride……our life

we fall , we stumble,

we rise to our stepping stone ..again

its size is similar to gold…

or the luminosity of our existence

what do we hold

At times we have the choice..

at times we are told

The bag of rules…..stepping stone

to help , to illuminate, to see the light

by the time one reads this………

one will understand and I speak of


by Rita Recine

A wonderful poem that reminds me of spring, which is the poetry prompt for today. 🙂  Thank you Rita 🙂



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