Poetry Prompt #4 and my brush with greatness ;)

me and RB

First Inaugural Poet Richard Blanco was at my local library (BIG thanks to the Bangor Public Library for this event) tonight. He was very friendly and approachable.  I gave him a signed copy of my book and the 2015 National Poetry month poster.

Poetry poster 2015
Richard talked about he started his career off as an engineer and learned to love language because of it.  He said that poems were design problems.
He also talked about how poems were memories.

Richard signed all my books “…..To a fellow Maine poet”

He lives in Bethel, Maine 🙂

Poetry prompt for today:  write a poem about a memory


6 thoughts on “Poetry Prompt #4 and my brush with greatness ;)

  1. The Homeland

    It is sunrise, it is time to depart the native land
    Feeling melancholy and nostalgia.
    Releasing tears.
    Leaving behind their roots, their lives.
    This is s story of the mother country and those who left it all

    I have lived and heard these sentiments through the eyes of my parents.
    As they reminisced upon days gone by.
    Talks and recollections of their love ones before them they would never deny.
    Days gone by.

    I too long to see the streets they walked, the home they all once shared.
    Life in the homeland.

    This aspiration is embedded in my heart, mind, and soul.
    In search of my heritage , and any other treasure I may find.

    Time and again my parents speak of relatives so far away.
    Their memories never forgotten,
    The stories they tell are priceless,wishing I may share precious moments as well one day.
    Life in the homeland.

    I bid a salutation to the homeland,
    Tomorrow i shall see.
    The remnants, memories of my family tree stay with my parents and me.
    Life in the homeland.

    Ritamarie Recine Petrilli


    Rita, this lovely piece reminds me of the memoir of Richard Blanco I just read 🙂

  2. I will never forget Richard Blanco’s reading at the inauguration for the quality of the poem but also for my feeling at the time that his reading did more for gays in the straight community than demonstrations might achieve. I remember also being moved by his family story that subsequently came out in the press. It’s ironic that a couple of years before his reading I had read one of his poems online and had sent him a complimentary email, at the time knowing nothing about him or the level of achievement. It’s not like me to send an email like that but the poem moved me. His response was quick and gracious. We live the lives we have as best we can and hope all will be well.

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