Poetry Prompt #9

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Poetry prompt: write a poem about books

(I thought this was apropos since I’m in a library this morning for work)

4/16/2015 Update: The ever prolific Rita Recine is hold-your-attention-mouth-open-can’t-stop-reading taking care of Poetry Prompt #9 definitively. Look for her poem “Words” here in the comments


3 thoughts on “Poetry Prompt #9

  1. Is there a Like button for this poem? I want to press it repeatedly Rita 🙂

    Words (for prompt number 9)

    What is a word?
    It is the dressing for our thoughts.
    Words are everywhere and in everything
    In a book, a verse and in the seasons

    For every thought, every image, every person, come to us for a season, a reason, or a lifetime
    As do words.
    Some we remember, recollect and cherish.
    Words are the international language of every nationality.
    They may differ but all mean the same.
    Words are in our existence, the power of language.
    Words are as lucent as the sun
    Words are feelings.
    Every word reveals a diversity.
    Words are written separately,
    Put together, reveals a statement which does not grow apart.

    A word, a syllable, a tune, a sound
    Words are expressions
    They speak volumes.
    Words are distinct when chosen properly.

    A book and its words take us far away
    The turn of every page is always a gift
    Words and books do not oppress the mind, the spirit or the soul
    Words may melt your heart.
    Soothing or hurtful
    We choose.

    We at times may see words in images
    With books as in words there is no ending and no start
    Similar to love in the human heart

    RitaMarie Recine Petrilli

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