Poetry Prompt #12

Poetry Prompt: Write a poem about a color


One thought on “Poetry Prompt #12

  1. Another lovely poem about Colors from Rita Recine 🙂


    Pink is calming, it is sweet.

    Blue is refreshing as the deep blue sea, or the skies
    Green is a happy color,
    Filling one’s heart with glee.
    It has been perceived by the ancestors as the colour of luck and fertility.
    In the past women wore green to represent
    Their engagement, commitment..

    Purple is powerful yet it is majestic.

    Orange is fierce as the rays of the sun. 
    Yellow is a happy and cautious color. It tells us to go or stop.
    To stay still or yell from the mountain top.
    All colours are beautiful, similar to the rainbow after the rainfall. 
    Colours are picturesque, images implemented in our minds
    Red is the color of love on earth and up above, it empowers.
    As we can see all colours matter.
    All have a different meaning, versatile.
    They distinguish,
    Colours are a design of our tastes and pleasures.
    Our being
    You and me

    Ritamarie Recine Petrilli (Rita)
    April 12, 2015


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