Poetry Prompt #14

Poetry Prompt: Write a water poem


One thought on “Poetry Prompt #14

  1. The waters and its grace
    The fountain’s grace was seen far and wide
    The night was azure
    Its architecture was of great stature.
    Its waters flowed so elegantly.

    Streams of water provided life, calmness, and peace.

    The echoes of its downfall was heard worldwide
    The waters of the fountain was glorified and personified by all as they drenched their dry mouths.

    How many hands have you touched?
    How many lips have you kissed?

    Water oh water of mine rewarding and free.
    I glance, I smile walk away and advance.
    You are a bath for the birds,
    I toss 3 coins in the fountain, getting a chance at romance.

    Persons of all walks of life have crossed your path everyday.

    Your labour of love has come their way
    I still have remnants in my mind, you have been so kind

    I can still recall the tune of the water.
    The day I heard you sing.

    Once again wonderful poem, beautiful Rita 🙂


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