Poetry Prompt #24

It really is snowing this morning! 😛

Poetry Prompt: Go through an older poetry notebook and REVISE past poem that you think need a change

FOR ALL Poetry Pasta readers, writers, lurkers I have a question:  do you think the poetry prompts I post are too general?  I got ONE COMMENT that they were.  Is there anything you would like to see on Poetry Pasta?


One thought on “Poetry Prompt #24

  1. I have been blessed, perhaps, in that I have never had to use poetry prompts in that ideas come and go talking of Michelangelo and if I am smart enough to jot down the words or lines sometimes I can fashion a poem out of my jottings later on. I have no idea why this is or if I am unusual in that this is how I work. Perhaps poetry prompts are important to people. However, revision has always been important to me. I revise a piece many, many times and late in life learned never to send out on the same day a poem I think is finished because it finally sounds right. I sleep on it and then read it cold the next day and often discover it’s not done at all. So I get out the hammer and hatchet and have at it again. It’s part of a wonderful process that sets writers apart. We forever work with the abstract trying our best to make it concrete.

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