A salute to BB King Remembering 16 – by Rita Recine

From gospel music to the blues

To you we salute

Inducted into the Hall of Fame

Everybody knew your name

The thrill is now gone .

We have won

Time to rest, playing up in heaven with the best

Formerly known as the three kings

The thrill is gone

We have won

Legendary artist of all time

Among other things

The thrill is gone

With your music we have won

You were the champion no one can forget

You were the boss ..

You played guitar with such class

A legend like no other

Your music touched many lives

Children fathers and mothers

A friend to the music industry

No one can replace

You sang the tune

Reaching for the stars, sun and moon

Many felt the love now you will be singing and strumming up above

The thrill is gone

With your legendary music the world has won

Let the good times roll

 the thrill is gone

Let the good times continue

day by day.

With your music we dance and sway

To have heard your music is to love

Similar to the sweet sound of a dove

The thrill is gone

With your music we have already won

You are the legend you are the king

Who made people laugh dance and sing

You have sung happy birthday,

a celebration

From every walk of life from the rich to the poor you made us smile

From generation to generation

The thrill is gone

It is with your music we have won

As you walk with the Lord, he hears your wonderful song

All rejoice in harmony for the thrill on earth may be gone


a lovely poem from Rita Recine, remembering BB King.



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