Elvis Would Be 78 & Amy Winehouse by Eileen Hugo

Elvis Would Be 78 by Eileen Hugo

For me it was his lips
of course his voice
the way he moved but mostly
his mouth full, soft
curled in petulant pout
or innocent sneer

Not poured into white satin suits
punctuated with jewels
and draped with sweaty scarves

I liked him in black
hair darkly slicked back
the bad boy look
leather jacket with studs
engineer boots

I want him twenty four


Amy Winehouse by Eileen Hugo

You should have gone to rehab
cause we know, know, know
where you were headed

You with your Cleopatra eyes
dark red lipstick and beehive
dressed as a copy of 60’s bad girls.
Blackwell had you on the worst dressed list.
Lagerfeld proclaimed you the new Bardot.

You were a tornado of talent
the Grammys had you for six.
Your music a collage of jazz
and jazz-pop, hip-hop and Motown.
Tony Bennett said you sang like
it should be sung “the right way”
It all fell apart when you spiraled down
poisoned by your escape of choice
I wish you went to rehab
yeah, yeah, yeah


Two  great poems from author Eileen Hugo.  More of her poems are featured in a new, free e-book, “Our Day of Passing”, coming out on July 31st.  You can read her on PoetryPasta FIRST. – Franco Esposito


2 thoughts on “Elvis Would Be 78 & Amy Winehouse by Eileen Hugo

  1. You are welcome, In fact you are always invited to showcase some of your pearls. Keep writing and keep sending and know more and more readers are discovering both PoetryPasta, and the great writers we are posting.
    Each writer has a dream to mark something for themselves. But it is only in showing it to others is that dream fully realized.

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