A Trip To The Bellagio…Las Vegas by Rita Marie Recine

a vacation is wonderful
magical, colorful
I am the navigator, closing all the doors and opening the windows to my heart
Las Vegas was my trip alongside my husband Antonio
a gift from our daughter Bianca for our silver anniversary
once I arrived, I couldn’t get a grip
all was enchanting and colorful
from the hotels to the roulette tables
ring, ring, ring the machines did sing
a vacation is a gift….a voyage into the unknown.
we watched shows, ate at Wolfgang Puck restaurant
had a few beers…..we smiled, laughed and danced to the tune of the bands
the liveliness of the city
it is called sin city…..where all is acceptable, all is respectable
stayed at the MGM……magnificent….
the Bellagio was grandioso
sharing, caring, meeting people from all walks of life
may they be a mother, daughter, husband or a wife
the Bellagio waters were seen far and wide, illuminating, fascinating
people filled the streets with music and laughter
on the other side of the spectrum there were no flashing lights
people panhandling into the night
we saw how others lived, it was not so fine
intelligent people with broken lives
no means of transportation
no means to feed their children and their wives
why must this world still have poverty…
a vacation is laughter, everyday is the weekend
similar to two people in love, it is the presence of one another
you experience it and then have many memories
a vacation is peace of mind
on vacation there is no schedule, it is always the weekend
a vacation is a learning experience.
nostalgia, memories, recollections
I am the navigator, closing all my doors and opening up the windows to my heart
soul and mind, the fountains and its waters along the Bellagio
keeping this vision in mind I know I will never falter.

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