The Voice Of Freedom by Ritamarie Recine


The voice of freedom 

Where love is applied, all is complied. 


An impression, a recollection 

They came aboard and changed the world 

Maryann Shadd Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks to name a few. 

They were the aids were not afraid 

Remember me ?

Many will not.  

For the people they forever fought 

They came aboard and changed the world

The Quakers provided a safe haven

By train  and by boat.

 From North to South 

When all was dark midnight and Jordan was their cue

 Reaching for the promised land 

united they would stand .

Toronto, Canada was their destination.
No hesitation.

They  came aboard and changed the world 

Truth and love is what was found 

For their kin, afraid and distraught their journey would begin 

scholars, abolitionists, teachers, voters, students

  In  their absence, not much would have been done

Voice of freedom, whisper of reason.

They came aboard and changed the world


 May we all  rejoice in jubilation 

An enchanting hymn 

Their quest was the light, which  seemed so dim

Their battle was won 

A  vast amount of people were to partake .

Their objective and resilience was further than great.

Flee, flee, flee.

be free.

  Renewed respect, visionaries, reflections,

were born to protect

  determination, segregation,  

their human nature never ceased

always ready to appease.

they came aboard and changed the world

Lessened the tide.

 They were the guides

safe haven, somewhere to hide. 

Came aboard and changed the world 

Collectors, Stationmasters, black, white, wanting to  overcome this fight 

They did not follow the golden rule 

How  could this world have been so cruel. 

Love thy neighbour, was not to be

Yet the Quakers did love thee.

 They came aboard and changed the world 

 Today we do not know 

Fatigued and fearful many made the trip 

As horses followed, they held their grip 


Women of yesteryear  

Trailblazers, I call them, did not refrain.

 I believe they would do it again 

The underground railroad it was  to be… voice of freedom in our history 

Regardless of the toll,

rescue, redeem,

renewed  hope and dream running  through their  bloodstream

In no disguise  

The passage to freedom as this would be 

Not to be judged, never nudged 

Equality, revolution, absolution’ 

Went to jail and would never tell 

In my heart the trailblazers will forever wear the crown 

In them we were found 

Be free child their mama would proclaim 

Do not disclaim 

We are all the same  

What is the difference, our gender and our name

A salutation to our women of yesterday who paved the way for the  young today 

They were on board and  changed the world 

With determination tears and joy many would be free 

The underground railroad it was to be… voice of freedom in our history 


An inspiring poem from Ritamarie Recine for Black History month 🙂


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