Independent Women*****Resplendent Women by Rita Marie Recine


Independent Women*****Resplendent Women

by Rita Marie Recine

I write with affection
The story of independent women
Throughout history women have stood united
They have been raised once, will not be raised again
Independent women who held their own.
Their voices heard and inner self not torn.​

They are strong, the road has been long.
Free as a butterfly
Wings spread to empower,
a vision of splendor.
Independent Women*** Resplendent Women

Shines like the crystal pieces of a star
As lucid and clear as the waters
Flourish and prosper like a beautiful flower
Independent Woman*** Resplendent Women

An independent woman does not need any other to make her efficient.
she is self sufficient.
some decisions have been right, others wrong
the journey is lifelong.

a celebration , a connection ..for the young , from generation to generation
Independent Women***Resplendent Women

Determined, empowered and proud.
no need to please a crowd
They  are their own person
not what others wish upon them

kind and sympathetic, affirmative and controlled
soul and mind bind together.

From the
words of Maya Angelou
independent women are phenomenal women
Independent Women ***Resplendent Women

There have been arduous days
empty and endless nights.
gonna win the fight
the rain will turn to sun

the door will close until another one opens
we need to see it…feel it…
You  will  find if you seek
no need to hide independent women
be proud,
unique in every way.
They have triumphed over troubled waters
they did not falter
standing on their own two feet.

independent woman
a queen in her own palace
her husband is the king
her daughter the princess
strong  and  kind
Independent Woman***Resplendent women

she will fly to the highest mountain peak… her strength and focus is hers to keep
throughout history we have had independent women…
some flourished others  were unnoticed
their voices were unheard

soars in achievement,  will not falter in defeat
she will think, ponder and never sink the turbulent waters of her life.. will never dissipate
she is so thankful to be alive

will never fall.. will rise…..for this  will carry her afar… to the distance of her potential

I am my own flashlight seeing my way through even when the days get dark
as Maya Angelou would say
phenomenal woman  am i
hope, perseverance, no preservation… simply paving a road for the next generation

she is sacred, beautiful, amazing..the essence of time has not let her relinquished the beauty of her inner strength.. to heighten depths

confident, holds her head up high
unique inner strength is revealed
a revelation, celebration
a woman is a gem not a prize… not a token, at times not soft spoken
an independent woman will rise from destruction…. reconstruction
she pays her bills will not stand still
she is efficient, self sufficient
they do not falter
triumphed over troubled waters…grandmothers, mothers and daughters.
they have made it after all
Independent Women*** Resplendent women

a woman… beauty of all the seasons… the independent woman does not need a reason
she will not falter, will rise… up high… will not cry
empowered by societal changes
will not always conform.
rising amidst the ashes of yesteryear.
independent women on a journey
have marched in unity to victory

Independent Women*** Resplendent women
independent women throughout  history
embrace, empower, strength, beauty
peace…. release, determination,
leadership from generation to generation

walk proud, hold your head up high
put your hands in the air, dance, smile, write and sing
reach for the moon, the stars and the sky
Independent Women***Resplendent Women
you and I


A wonderful and inspiring poem from the prolific poetress Rita Marie Recine for Women’s History month 🙂






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