Poetry Prompt #8

Poetry Prompt :  “danger”



3 thoughts on “Poetry Prompt #8

  1. a revisit

    ________________________________ From: melania recine Sent: March 12, 2017 2:42 PM To: Aunt Rita Cc: Daddy; Aunt Adri Subject: Re: poem about women

  2. Stranger danger

    The story of a missing child
    by Ritamarie Recine

    Everyday we teach or children not to talk to strangers
    they are dangerous we say.

    Stranger danger can also be your neighbour, a family friend he or she may be.
    we don’t realize that this is how it could be..
    families and friends
    hearts are folding
    throughout the globe there are missing children
    parents mourn, all is torn
    Whether you believe or not

    We all need comfort during trying times
    whether you search and find it on Earth or in our Father who is up above.
    All we need is love.

    This is a much longer poem, I can post the whole poem if you want to read it – Valeri Beers

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