Poetry prompt #9

Poetry prompt: comic book

Valeri Beers is excited for Bangor Comic Con, where she will see a lot of comic books!

3 thoughts on “Poetry prompt #9

    by Ritamarie Recine (for Poetry Prompt #9)

    A humble and lovable little boy
    he was a shoeshine boy, bless you and thank you sir he terminates
    Finishing up his chores and his ears perk up in surprise.
    time to go ashore.
    someone is in danger, they need my help
    all was a secret, shoe shine boy became ….none other than Underdog

    shoeshine boy runs into a telephone booth, which explodes, and he emerges as… Underdog.

    Underdog leader, competitor, saviour of the weak

    these words he does speak

    do not fear Underdog is here

    he speaks in rhymes … all of the time

    There’s no need to fear! Underdog is here!

    when people break the law

    and frighten people far and near

    Underdog , Underdog is here.

    With the speed of thunder, he jolts and does plunder
    when in the newspaper it does read

    “There are people who are in need”
    He makes the wrong, right like thunder speed
    Underdog! Underdog! Underdog! Underdog!

    The little shoeshine boy who enters a phone booth

    and transforms himself to better the world.

    as Underdog , leader, competitor,

    Aider of all greed.

    his vision is to help those in need

    Underdog, a little beagle….who flies like an eagle.

    to help, help, help


  2. yeah that is great valeri have fun…. we will have comicon here in july and guess who is going?
    yep me /…
    have a wonderful time .. now getting ready for 9

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