Poetry Prompt #15

poetry prompt: death and taxes  (halfway there! you can do it!  🙂

Poet and writer Dorothy Parker has a collection of poems titled “Death and Taxes” One of my favorite poems from that collection is “Summary”:

by Dorothy Parker

Every love’s the love before
In a duller dress.
That’s the measure of my lore-
Here’s my bitterness:
Would I knew a little more,
Or very much less!




To read more Dorothy Parker, I encourage you to get The Portable Dorothy Parker.   This contains Death and Taxes, Sunset Gun (poetry collection),  a bunch of her short stories, plus play and book reviews.



One thought on “Poetry Prompt #15

  1. Feelings
    An ode to Dorothy Parker – by Ritamarie Recine

    Seriousness, joyful, witty …. all in a day

    life and Dorothy Parker’s poems make me feel this wy

    a visionary of life…. April April one of my favorites I read

    made me laugh, made me think.

    made me appreciate…

    this was Dorothy Parker

    her way of writing I assessed

    I may be wrong, this is how I felt

    sassy yet proved her points

    she was poignant yet funny

    lost loves, lost hope

    unhappy childhood.

    No need to mope

    get up again do not refrain

    April showers, then come flowers

    from a sorrowful poem she adds her spin
    a positive not… a gem there.
    no riches can compare

    An ode to Dorothy Parker

    One of my favorite quotes
    It says: I hate to write but love having written

    how we can relate
    relationships and fate

    spoke the truth as she visioned it with a rhyme or a joke
    fun, non apologetic and with wit.
    this is what Dorothy Parker was all about
    bravo, bravo, to her give a grand old shout

    her poetry is inspiring …puts a smile on your face
    an author so brilliant her vision and her artistry no one can erase

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