Poetry Prompt #16

poetry prompt: bird



A ruffed grouse has been hanging around my house,  letting us get very close to  him,  give him food, take videos (which I will post later today in the comments) and being very unbirdlike. Probably guarding a nest. (VB)


Here’s a little poem I just did:

There is
ruffed grouse
hanging around
my house.

He chased
the car
my spouse!

This bird
no fear.
the eggs,
at our




2 thoughts on “Poetry Prompt #16

  1. Scoiattolo…
    by Ritamarie Recine

    I saw a squirrel with a bushy tail scurrying around
    on trees, telephone lines and by my window looking in.
    I gave him some peanuts.. he nibbled and ate until it got late.
    Brown and grey a cute little fellow, was so mellow.

    Hiding some food under the apple tree.
    Smart squirrel was he.
    He nestled beside me as I knelt on my knees

    I decided to keep him as a pet
    I named him

    Italian for squirrel.
    He felt appreciated, he danced a twirl..
    Scoiattolo had a character of his own, as the years went by he had grown

    he spoke with his eyes one night… in his little bed.
    this is what I read:

    All my life I searched for a meal
    a feast running from west to east
    wanting a feast.

    I like people but many fear me
    I do not harm
    I want to charm

    I was not afraid of winter.
    I made myself a little house
    where I shared it with whoever needs, dog cat or mouse

    I know I am so small
    never wanted to be mistreated,it brought me to tears
    for all the humans who led me to feel pain… you had nothing to gain

    I’m happy now as can be.. I have a home, I feel free
    I run, I scurry in a hurry
    I run up the tree, I am free
    I am me

    At times I like to play
    when you reach out for me I turn the other way
    this is a game i like to play
    sccoiattolo my friend, till the end
    I hop, hop, hop
    Until I get tired, come in the house, eat, sleep, need to stop

    I am attentive, listen and glisten
    My cheeks are round.
    Of this I know

    Thank you For the food you give … it makes me glow

    Scoiattolo, my squirrel

    In the winters I do hide
    It is cold outside

    Once the spring arrives,
    I greet you with my charm.
    For it is warm.
    I want to say thank you FRIEND
    My friend till the very end

    Scoiattolo, my squirrel

    A day in the life of SCOIATTOLO my squirrel friend
    Forever in my mind, for you were much too kind


    Lovely poem Rita 🙂 I love squirrels too, everyone around here says shoot them but I refuse, they are so cute, thank you for the Italian word also 🙂 (VB)

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