Poetry Prompt #24

Poetry prompt: Write a poem about your oldest friend, someone you have known for a long time.

(I apologize for the lateness of this prompt, I was in a place where there were problems with the WiFi, I didn’t expect problems, blah blah blah)


One thought on “Poetry Prompt #24



    Hey old friends so glad we can have a chat.
    talk about this and that.
    everything and nothing at all
    I ponder tonight when were so very young
    how we played together ,
    talking laughing having so much fun
    years have come and gone ,
    Hey old friends so glad we can have a chat.

    Do you remember the Christmas candies we ate along the road?

    The swings at the playground,

    two on one swing, singing to the tune of

    “My Name is Michael I’ve got a nickel”.

    Remembering it as if it were yesterday.
    The scouts who took us to St. Helen’s island… my daddy alongside.
    What a wonderful ride.

    Years have come and gone.

    We have grown .


    Hey old friends we have families of our own

    An ode to my elementary, high school, college friends

    memories till the end.

    High school, was my favorite .

    meeting people along the way .

    remain with me till today

    Old trucks, cars, motorcycles, ramblin’ man singing on the radio .

    with my twin by my side.

    nowhere to hide.

    from variety shows, to sock hops, to double lunches ..

    to the fountain of youth, a friend to soothe, speak the truth.


    Hey old friends do you remember high school.

    Adolescent, juvenile, young and cool.

    The arms into which you fall
    friends, friends, friends.
    hey old friends do you remember the stories we told.
    We never know what our future would hold.
    Whether it was warm or in the frigid cold.

    we left our homes with our leather jackets.
    I know it was our age bracket.

    Young, only 16, only 17, how else would it have been?
    Having a burger, fry and shake was our after school break.
    Hey old friends do you remember too?

    College friends I had a few.

    Not too many to mention.


    Hey old friend Cristina, we met in college.

    At the lockers, we were partners.

    Today we still are friends .

    Driving in your car, we were the best

    Hair flowing in the wind, wow what a venture.

    The pub was a place to go after school.

    We were a little bunch.


    Hey old friend do you remember?

    Running for the bus for the time was crunched.

    Memories, memories, memories,

    There are many cycles of our lives old friends.

    Best friends forever is often proclaimed

    For every stage there is a phase.


    For every year we play a part.

    Hey old friends from the ending and the start

    you always have my heart

    An applaud, an encore .

    Reminiscing when you knocked on my front door.

    You are always welcome, never a dull moment

    magical, a celebration of our past’s creation

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