Poetry Prompt #25

Poetry prompt: the Earth


2 thoughts on “Poetry Prompt #25

  1. 1
    The Earth is our home.
    It is our land, where we stand
    Like all that is ours which needs to be nourished to flourish.
    The Earth is in composition with Mother Nature and our creator.
    Together they have brought this abundance which needs to be cherished

    We can all give a helping hand, united we should stand

    To give a voice to our flowers, trees, and Earth


    From the sun, the land and the sand.

    the oceans and the seas.

    all should be handled with care ,

    No pollution

    A solution.
    the birds sing a tune, from the waters to the shore.

    It is magical it is fun.


    Our Earth, population, trees, animals.

    Flowers and all living aspects of our being.

    United we can form a band.

    An embrace to the Earth

    Across the worldwide land.

    If one accepts our Earth.

    In harmony alongside our creator and Mother Nature.


    Let us all get together

    For every little child.

    Boy or girl.

    Let us all share and become more aware

    with our next generations our land, our creation.

    Our wonderful Earth.

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