Crosses in the Park by Donal Mahoney

Crosses in the park
by Donal Mahoney
Phil went to Memorial Park yesterday
on his crutches and saw new crosses 
in the ground commemorating veterans.  
Must be a hundred more than last year. 
His brother’s cross is there, in the 
middle of the third row, a fitting honor, 
Phil says, after Bob died in Vietnam. 
His cousin, Velma, has crosses there 
for four uncles and her father, too.  
Her father and four uncles fought 
in World War II in Europe and then 
went AWOL to meet again in Paris.  
The Army looked the other way, 
perhaps because the brothers hadn’t 
seen each other in four years. 
As Phil walked among the crosses he 
remembered that in his home town one 
person in four voted in the last election.
Had Hitler won World War II, voting  
might not now be an option. 
Phil thinks Americans thumb their noses 
at veterans of every war by not voting
It bothers him when people don’t take pride 
in freedoms veterans died to save.
He’ll tell his neighbors to vote until 
his cross stands with the others, too.
Thank you for a very good and apropos poem Donal 🙂  Memorial Day is a sad holiday I think  😦

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