Dante and Daydream by Michael Estabrook

Dante by Michael Estabrook

You can’t change history, cannot fix

your past mistakes no matter how hard you try

no matter how painful. We are all of us stuck

in our own private purgatories doing penance

for our sins until the end of time just like Dante said.


Daydream by Michael Estabrook

These days life has too many moving parts

daughter moving back home house needing repairs

yard a mess, diets, aching joints, money trouble

when all I want is to read some Byron and Tennyson

out back beneath the shade tree.


Brief Bio Michael Estabrook:

Retired now writing more poems

working more outside

just noticed 2 Cooper’s hawks staked out

in our yard or above it I should say

which explains the disappearing chipmunks.


One thought on “Dante and Daydream by Michael Estabrook

  1. Michael Estabrook you write of common things in the most uncommon ways; and lift us all with you to look further than we might otherwise. I like you themes which give me a sense we are walking in the woods having a conversation. A much needed one I will remember.

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