Rainbow Pyramid by Maxine Kollar

Rainbow Pyramid

by Maxine Kollar

Looking at red dragons lined up on the shelf

Outside colored by their fiery inside

I wondered at the colors for people

Red people, like dragons, chili pepper words sprinkled over unsuspecting pizza’s of your day

Blue people, iced cubes of compassion in your tall glass of woes

What about orange people, no rhymes for them, lonely slices steeping in you tea

Green people with the envy cliché, curly kale leaves of bitterness, so good for you

Dressing you in

Ranch boots, baring razor sharp cheese spurs

Holding Cesar’s blades, dull but to the point

Lost on Thousands of fractured islands, unable to reunite

Frozen in Vinaigrettes of red wine memories, sour churning

Pouring heart and soul over cold comforts

And you

Sitting on a shelf

Eyes judging your color


Maxine Kollar is a wife and a mother of three. Her works have appeared in SpeckLit, Mamalode, Gravel Mag, Route 7 Review and elsewhere.


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