Lunatic Shuffle by Ken Allan Dronsfield


Lunatic Shuffle by Ken Allan Dronsfield

Thin mummified icy
trembling bent fingers
resembling razor
sharp raptor talons.

Grasp the burial shovel
with a fervent evil malice.
Reasoned breezes or
teasing chaotic tempests.

Dance on a marshmallow
in a clouded pink fantasy.
Sipping sweet tea with
a lemonade pouted grin.

My jello lunch reeks but a
Thorazine high greets me;
now painting the lawn in
a mixed shaded scheme.

Silver pleated brushes
of bleach blond hair.
Surfing into the fog as
my torch is now hushed.

My friend tried to commit
larceny of my frenzied soul.
I hear his cries for mercy
from the freshly dug grave;

behind the lofty asylum
by the tennis courts where
we loved to sit and watch the
staff relaxing and playing there.

I’m floating over the azure bay
driving a ’57 Chevy Nomad
waltzing into a riotous decade
whilst in a Prozac lunatic shuffle.




One thought on “Lunatic Shuffle by Ken Allan Dronsfield

  1. An amazing piece. Language is so part of it. like paint on a canvas, textured and graphic. A unique sojourn in style and tone. One feels almost drawn into something – a co-conspiracy. Franco Esposito

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