Learning Experiences by BrokenMontague

brokenmontagueLearning Experiences by  BrokenMontague

Day by day, we wake up,

As the sun goes on top.

Green, leafy trees we see,

As we inhale air for free.

We talk, walk and run;

Socialising for fun.

We win, survive and sometimes fall;

But we still standing tall.

They said, “Experience is the best teacher.”

Yet learning can’t happen with a flick of a finger.

Personally, we want many things to discover,

To improve our knowledge even higher.

Notes: This is the poem I made during our final examination in Principles of Teaching 1.


BrokenMontague is an educator from the Philippines. He is a beginner in writing poems. His experiences enabled him to write whatever words that come to his mind. He used his broken past to pen his emotions and his soul as well. BrokenMontague is a dreamer and a believer of LOVE. This is the primary concepts of his poems, because he believes that Love is great in all forms.



3 thoughts on “Learning Experiences by BrokenMontague

    1. Yes. Maybe because I am an elementary teacher. I always impose to my students to experience everything that life has to offer. I really want them to learn not just the subjects I taught but life itself.
      Thank you Franco!–Broken Montague

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