The cookie jar by Daginne Aignend


The cookie jar by Daginne Aignend

When he gets home from work

he barely greets the wife

plumbs down on the sofa

and reaches out for the cookie jar

He has to clear his head

by consuming a suitable amount

of chocolate chip, macaroons, or whatever cookies

as long as they’re fresh

He really doesn’t enjoy the taste of it

in need as he is

of the soothing chewing jaw movements

to relief his daily frustration

When the wife forgets to refill the jar

he almost feels like hitting her

being that negligent towards his necessities He, the hardworking family man

deserves some more respect

for maintaining her and Bernie, the dachshund

Today, when he entered the house

he knew something was terribly wrong

The cookie jar laid splintered

on the freshly waxed oak parquetry

Instead of the illuminating scent of bakery

he smells chemicals, some disinfectant or detergent

The living room was a paragon of decent cleanliness,

except for his beloved, shattered cookie jar

Suddenly he noticed a small piece of paper

beside the jar, recognizing the handwriting of the wife

‘Burned me at the oven while baking your vanilla biscuits

and realized our relation has been totally burned out

I will only leave behind the shards of the cookie jar

as a symbol of our broken marriage

©Daginne Aignend


Daginne Aignend is a pseudonym for the Dutch poetess Inge Wesdijk. She started to write English poetry four years ago and posted some of her poems on her Facebook page and on her website. She likes hard rock music, photography and fantasy books. Daginne is a vegetarian and spends a lot of time with her animals.


One thought on “The cookie jar by Daginne Aignend

  1. Strong visual -slice of life documentary style- with a sense of biograghy. I was was reading it conjured up a scene in a film. Enjoyed the story and development and irony . Franco Esposito

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