The Empty Nest by Robin Goodfellow


The Empty Nest by Robin Goodfellow

Sleeping inside a rotting cradle

eyes flutter shut in the dark,

dreaming of songs and of fables,

the quiet from a forgetful heart.

Little leaves caress its face

amongst the fragile silence.

Upon an eroding, changing grace,

it hides itself from violence.

Twigs and buds from long lost times

carelessly lulls it to sleep.

The soundless chirping and broken ties

to an innocence so forever deep.

Worried shadows gather forth,

while white feathers cascade.

They all call forth from endless lore,

while desperately watching it fade.

Abandoned and lost the tiny babe cries

forever entwined in pitiful lies,

yet still it drifts, and can no longer deny

the pleasure of illusions





2 thoughts on “The Empty Nest by Robin Goodfellow

  1. Emotionally stirring. Metaphorically jaunting and morphosing. I thought it was about a bird, and it well may be, but it also conjured images of a stillborn. It is very moving and well structured. Franco Esposito

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