Poetry Prompt #3 Rita Marie Recine

Poetry Prompt #3 – Write about your father or father figure
I saw by Rita Marie Recine
I saw joy I saw pride in your heart and soul. When we were so very small. My little feet ran through the corridor hall. You stood so grand and tall.
I know the love you had for your family, It was perfect not an anomaly.
I saw the rain when you felt pain,
I saw the tiredness you felt, after coming home from an arduous day.
Fatigue in your face, Every line, every trace.
I saw inspiration, dedication. I saw the light in your eyes so clear, so blue.
My childhood, so carefree, full of fun.
You taught me how to skate and run. For my father, ,I saw
Kites I did fly Up high, reaching the threshold of the heavens
I saw your eyes, the window to your soul.
Obstacles unable to foresee. My love for you will forever be.
The essence of time may have passed me by Remembering , recollecting.
I can never forget your struggle. Tears never cease. For my father I saw
Pulling at my heartstrings no matter how I try., A positive thought I shall write, Your image, your strength, your stories in my mind, Often comes my way.
This is what I wish to carry with me today. For my father, I saw

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