Poetry Prompt #8 – Rita Marie Recine

Poetry Prompt #8  sticky note left on car door

A sticky note left on my car door by Rita Marie Recine

Hi, my name is Scott

sorry for hitting your car..

it was a mistake..

How much  can I take?

I am only sixteen,

took my fathers car, i feel so mean..

No hard feelings taken i hope

my parents will be upset.

grounding me will be their threath

i am so sorry .. here is my parents number


Thanks dude

never meant to be so rude

reply… from Michael , owner of the car

That  is fine Mr. and Mrs. Johnson

your son has been so kind

left a message , he obliged.

a car is material… all may be  arranged.

Glad your  son was not hurt.

I know you love him since his birth

do not ground him, simply speak.

your relationship will arrive at  a new peak

Do  not throw him under a bus . for he is so  young.

All he needs is grownups and that would be us

bye for now… i see the dent ,,,

i know it was not meant.

a sticky note was left on my car door…

no need to say no more

ritamarie recine


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