Poetry Prompt #12 by Rita Marie Recine


Prom in the Eighties..A Memoir by Rita Marie Recine

We all wished someone did ask us  to the prom

I was asked,

how so shy?

I ran across the hall, to my classroom.

awaiting to tell my friends.

Chitter , chatter… our books they clattered,

In front of our lockers we giggled.

we were going to the prom

My  friends and twin sister  had dates too.

woo-hoo we were going to the  prom.

Often among friends , little school girls {Did  you get asked to the prom, yes, no… wish he would ask me}?

i was so shy … he asked me.

a young boy with short hair,  shy demeanor, wearing his letter jacket and his denim jeans.

Adri’s date had  hair as black as ebony, more energetic full of swag.

Prom in the 80’s

We were after all teens.

couldn’t wait, couldn’t wait..

went to get my shoes, gown , hair all coiffed..

It  surely would be  a night I can never forget.

Prom in the 80 s a memoir

I was as happy as can be , felt alive and free

This was our glory

this is a prom story

poem  and prose

to the occasion we rose

or did u stay at home not wanting to go?

Prom in the 80’s a memoir
Graduation day came and went
This was our main event
We danced until we dropped
Carefree and so young .. girls looking so lovely in their gowns
hair all arranged.. so beautifully..
so young and having fun.
Prom in the 80’s a memoir

the boys  looking so dapper and fine n their suits walking had in hand two by twos

prom in the 80’s was not like it is today

no liquor or wine

simply a supper, chaperones , dancing and dining
Like we’d live forever

we danced and pranced to disco , rock and slows

every move had its groove
this is how prom night  goes

twas a Saturday night and we did have somebody..a

not similar to the Baycity  rollers  song which was a hit that year.

for they had no body…cause they had no friends.

That night we all did till the night did end.

he  left me at my door…

that sealed the deal….it was so real

a bright moment  in my life

contentment filled the room no resentment

a little peck  on the cheek and he was gone

the ship had sailed
the summer night was heavenly

the sky azure.


Prom in the 80’s a memoir


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