Poetry Prompt #16 by Rita Marie Recine

poetry prompt – holding hands


For the love of Bianca’s Handprint by Rita Marie Recine

I recall the day I held you, your hands were so small
we brought you home, a blessing, you were so grand

you move your  little fingers upon my face.

touching every line, every trace

I loved you from the beginning as today,

tomorrow will be the same

forever and a day

for the love of a handprint

As the years went by you did grow,

Lots of kisses and hugs as I held you so snug

For the love of your hand print

You began  to walk ,little steps at a time, a fall, get up again as you held on to the corridor walls

I love you forever and one day, 2, 3 until infinity

your hands  so tiny … on those cupboards you left a mark

as your pitter patter of little feet

made my world complete

For the love of your handprint

take a child guide them by the hand

walk a mile, stay a while, nature walk by the sea or by land

summer  winter spring or fall…

by the time we carried you, until you  began to crawl

the most beautiful memories of all.

For the love of your Hand print

Time had gone so fast

a blink of an eye and  you began school

those tiny hands had grown,

began to hold your own

never alone

Another  chapter had begun,, school , friends ,play and lots of  fun.
A little Handprint you made for me in  preschool, on a special  mothers day
just to let me know how your hand looked that day
still little, a treasure you had made me to cherish,

its beauty had no measure,

as I glance  at it on the den wall,

I  smile and recall how you were so small

For the love of your hand print

dance recitals, plays, song , and dance… we were forever proud

we clasped our hands, wiping our tears, as you bowed

your little hands held the magic Christmas star…

all clapped , serene and fine

For the love of  your  hand print

Parent’s night was a treat so sweet as your art pictures were hung on your classroom wall

every picture told a tale,  they worked so hard … those tiny hands so little and frail

In a book they remain, keepsakes .. couldn’t part

grades 123456… middle school had begun

I held you by your hand off to the bus we ran

that was the game plan…

as you waved bye, have a nice day, keep safe

When in doubt stay out .

That was our magic code….

For the love of your hand print

Those wonderful moments of little hands will one day disappear

In my thoughts, still appear

with love and grace

never will be erased

thank you, please in  a  summers breeze

my oh my .. a recollection a reflection

education, sports, graduation, diploma, work

you are now an adult with a life of your own

Today you have married your best friend.exchanging your rings and all the  love it  will bring
.One day you too may have a child of your own
hold, praise, ease, nurture, pray, alongside until he or she has grown 
Your little hand print which one day may  be received provide you joy and pride as yours has made me.

the day you were born I was complete.

A new mother you had  made me

For this I thank and love thee Thee

For the love of your hand print.,

I am glad you chose your father and me

For the love of your handprint


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