Poetry Prompt #17 by Rita Marie Recine

poetry prompt – the King


A king is born by Rita Marie Recine

Doctor Martin Luther King Junior a young little lad
in church with his family , began a little prayer

As he listened to his father’s sermons.
He thought that may be me one day..
too young to know was to young to say
throughout the globe peace, love, all needed to get along
colour and race, should  not be a factor
 we all come from the divine
help one another 
do not be foes
for all will end in  tragic .. woes 

The king had a dream of seeing prosperity no diversity
When you think of the king and what he represented 
try to be the other person, and acknowledge the way you want
to be treated 
equality and respect  is the golden rule.

what if that would be your mother  or sister would it be the same,
all would sing a different tune
I am sure the king  would be so proud,
To see all in harmony

He had a dream, and it came true 
as it may also for me and  you

2 thoughts on “Poetry Prompt #17 by Rita Marie Recine

  1. Of Sky and Blood
    (Ode to King Richard III)

    Temperance of valor,
    greet me with shame
    steal away with a sword
    from my leather baldric.
    Grant me a final wish
    before ending my life,
    place me upon a throne
    with defiant sufferance.
    Whilst falling in battle
    on a muddy bloody field;
    although devout of faith,
    whom shall pray for me?
    Will the great God above
    grant forgiveness for my
    sinful murderous malice?
    I am a warrior, not a priest,
    tiller of soil; nor a follower
    guided along pious paths.
    Never forget that haunted
    shrill of the battlefield cry.
    Proclaim your righteous
    virtue, sing your victory
    songs as sky and blood
    drain from my pallid eyes.
    As the sounds are muffled
    and indistinct, I am suddenly
    renewed, a rebirth of soul,
    from shameless King to
    man of regretful sufferance,
    if only in an eternal dream.

    by Ken Allan Dronsfield

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