Poetry Prompt #18

Poetry Prompt – dragon(s)


2 thoughts on “Poetry Prompt #18

  1. Race your Dragon

    I laughed in their faces
    as I committed to flight
    within the dim of night
    of a vast swirling haze.
    Awaken a spirited grin
    from a darkling gaze;
    a chalice of warm gin
    and goblins danced.
    We all recited a ditty,
    “Race your dragon;
    Grasp a shooting star;
    Whisper to the Moon;
    Dance with a Fairy.”
    Your Devil warms up
    on the Summer’s grill.
    That dissident from hell
    begets jollies here still
    I missed the bugle call
    whilst dipping my quill
    as I escaped by flight,
    a soulless zombie bite,
    off to race my dragon
    covered in icy delights
    on the eve of a raucous,
    contemptuous night.

    by Ken Allan Dronsfield

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